Welcome to my life.

Wow, you must be pretty bored to be here...

Tuesday 13th:
I ain’t doing earlies all day all week.
I may not be doing much but I’m not allowed to go back to my room and sleep. Plus people know I’m not doing much so they keep me busy all my working hours of the day (12) with additional jobs.

Overview of last week:
Last week I fed a single person [other than myself and the mess staff] up until Friday. Thus far I haven’t seen a single military body since. Exception really to Wednesday when there’s a “big” bacon bap morning. But even then only 3 people turned up for that. Also, contrary to my last post, seems like I do have much greater freedom in the mess than I originally thought. I’m even encouraged to go back to my room or take my laptop into work and basically do as I please while there’s nothing for me to do. Which does make a lot of sense seeing as I’m by myself and got plenty of time to get nothing done. The person I was feeding all week, I made sure was getting some very decent looking food. Hey, I had plenty of time to spend on it too [if I was shit and needed practise to get things right].
I still used lots of my time to get my head down whenever possible. Still reeling from the plane, flights and the circumstances which got me tired prior to my return.
I am however glad some slack is finally being cut my way. Perhaps people have noticed a change in my temperament. I know I have. It’s slowly taking effect and making all the difference.

Tuesday: I’d say was shit because it was sport. I made the most of it but it’s never to my preference. I’d rather get some real fitness done.
Thursday: I got my wish when we went for a Tab. I was wary at first because I didn’t know what I’d be like after so long. But I soon got used to the weight and the pace. Quickly found out I’m still rather good at tabbing.

Weekend, to Sunday 18th:
I didn’t work the weekend, but it was dead with no one turning up for anything [the guy who worked it told me]. As for me, it was my chance to get some rest and then correct my body clock. I got plenty of rest, but didn’t correct my body clock well enough and couldn’t get to sleep. I’m better than last week, but still not 100%.

Monday 19th:
Blackie’s back in town. Trust him to start getting in the way of a good thing. I’m not sure what’s going on across the department while I’m isolated here in the Sergeant’s mess but I know something’s up. He’s a big gossiper who puts others down so I’ve never favoured nor trusted him much. Today however was business as usual... or not in my case. Seeing as the lack of business is being carried over from Friday. No one in today.
PT: a PFA test today. Standard. But I wasn’t feeling up for it still. Pressups and situps were not a problem but it looks like I struggled way too much on the 1.5 mile run. I don’t wanna make excuses and say it was the heat. I passed though, so no big drama. Just a wakeup call really. I’m feeling better this week now though so I can put more time into my fitness again. After the test, I stayed behind in the gym to do a workout before chilling in the room. Then going back to work to feed no one [except myself].

Monday 12th May:
When I arrived last night I got the bad news. 2 weeks ago I was told there’d be 3 Chefs in the Sergeant’s mess. One on earlies, middles and me on lates. This would allow me to get a comfortable feel of the place. Be properly inducted and briefed on everything I needed to know.
Instead I returned to hear “you’re in the mess, earlies all day by yourself”. I have to go in to an unknown kitchen with barely any sleep and pray I can figure it out before I fuck up. Equivalently, I’ve been thrown in the deep end of the shit pool and are expected to swim. Well I’m not having this. I outright chinned off breakfast and avoided contact with anyone. Thing is, I had been briefed what to expect upon my return and my roster had changed while I was away. It is then the responsibility of whomever changed said roster to inform me in advance... which they’re capable of doing because they have my mobile number. That’s my get out clause. I was told I was on earlies, but the messenger didn’t know what time I started, so how am I supposed to know?
So I avoided being seen for a bit but got caught out as i went back to my room (I couldn’t find a secret, clean comfortable place to get my head down). Had a debate with my Sarge and I just used the uncertainty above to palm off the blame. I’m sure Anderson is flapping because it was him made the changes and was too lazy to follow through professionally; hence the half assed message. He even tried “why didn’t you sign the keys out at night and check the roster?” “I didn’t know you could” as I expect that’s a bloody security risk! I mean picture someone in civilian dress walking up to the guard room and asking to gain access to the kitchen... who are they and what are they doing? Hmm?
So the day starts. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing for most of it but I am damn lucky it seems no one comes into the Sergeants Mess. I got one bar chit for lunch and one booked in for evening meal. Most work I did was on PT, which showed me how knackered I was. Was a good day to help me figure things out here. Between today and tomorrow I’ll have everything organised how I want it.
Ps: PT was shit, only 3 exercises repeated again. Bed straight after work.

2 Weeks Leave: 27th April – 10th May
I was rather irritated on my leave. Staying with my parents is the most convenient option available. But the first thing I require on my leave is solace really. To be left alone and recuperate back to 100% functionality. I’d socialise while I’m up and about of course, but I would very much like to be left alone when I want; and I mean completely alone to sleep for however long my body deems necessary. Furthermore I’d only require this for the first couple of days. I.e. my anti-social behaviour is merely temporary. After which I can enjoy my time off for real and get things.
However, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. My parents wake me up thinking they’re helping me and wanting to spend time with me. While I understand their perspective, I understand moreso that they do not understand mine. This frustrates me as my plan falls apart. I allowed them to do things their way for the first week. I was tired, so I achieved nothing seeing as I felt like crap all the time and ending up wasting time on video games. The second week I put my foot down and refused to get out of bed period [about 6pm I finally rose]. They simply didn’t get my sleeping habits [or lack of] when I’m at work, nor would they comprehend an explanation. I told them regardless and proceeded with my way. Afterwards I felt refreshed for the first time on my leave and only regretted not doing this sooner. A week was wasted to me.
I then proceeded to do everything I originally planned to achieve on my leave, rather hastily as it was now Tuesday/Wednesday the second/final week and eventually got such tasks completed to a satisfactory standard. Though on the last couple nights I barely got any sleep because I was adamant to finish a few last minute jobs before I left for Germany [due to my nasty habit of procrastination, thus lack of faith in myself]... I then had to start packing to leave at 2am. I was leaving the house for Germany at 7am. Needless to say I slept on the plane and coach most of the way. Overall:
Mum was okay, just happy to see me.
Dad is starting to take on too much again and getting stressed. Though I did appreciate his help/advice on my fiancés.
I didn’t see much of my brother at all really.
Dollie is working her ass off and is getting very stressed and tired [anyone else would be dead from exhaustion by now].
And I managed to catch up with my mate Jason. He’s bought a property he’s building up and planning to sell it and double his yearly income. Nice effort if you ask me. I wouldn’t know what to do with something like that.

Friday: Day off.
Slept in for a loooooooong time.
Got up, went to the store, gym, shower, chill out a bit too much. Not really done some chores I’ve been meaning to do.

Weekend was fairly decent but busy.

Up to the 24th:
I’ve lost interest now. I can feel myself getting more aggressive. I just want leave. I could make a more detailed report but it’s the same stuff really. Work hard in the face of others being lazy, selfish, inconsiderate, blah blah blah. I worked up to Thursday and then had a 3 day weekend off before my official leave started on Monday. I wasn’t going into work for anything. I just slept with a haywire body clock that’s since taken longer than desired to correct.

It could have been a quiet weekend. But we kept ourselves busy by ensuring plenty of advanced prep was done. Only 3 people were in and still everything was completed to a decent standard. Larder is something always forgotten by weekend shift, yet we prepped it up to its best standard I’ve seen in 3 weeks; and I won’t even benefit from it myself. This is why I get annoyed when weekend shift makes excuses as to why things aren’t done accordingly come Monday.
I admit I was tired but the families lunch gave cause for me to gripe because people just took the piss like it were an all you can eat buffet when it’s actually prepaid meals, so they’re only entitled to a set amount. Also, I had to stand there and carve roasted meats... and I hate customer service and dealing with pricks and their bitches who just wanna grab everything they can and run off thinking you won’t have the balls to stop them.
Ale was fair though and knocked me off early on Sunday.

Monday, 14th April: Quite Easter Rear-party? Not a chance.
Mybe conned the system and came in on lates when she was supposed to be on earlies and got away with it. She minced around doing salad/baguette bar to a low standard in the morning and then minced around in the afternoon, making custard and preparing desserts that were ready made for her. I never seen anyone do so little work in my life... and then bitch that she didn’t get the days off that she wanted when she’s actually got a day off more than any other military Chef.
That set my mood and had me switch off on my Duty Chef. So come evening meal; all my paperwork was done and yeah I did plenty of veg but I didn’t cook it all off because of batch cooking. Well, that was my excuse. The real reason was because Mybe did fuck all and if she was paying attention to anything other than herself she would have realised. I had a hotplate to tend to then.
Everyone kept saying leading up to today that we’d be quite over rear party. I kept telling them we’d find out on Monday (today) and I was right to hold off premeditated expectations because we are just as busy as ever; in the sense that we’re feeding the same amount of people with fewer Chefs about. This is why Mybe’s selfish lack of initiative is really gripping me.

Tuesday, 15th April: Earlies.
I was completely knackered by now and ready for bed; but I still had one more day to get through before my rest day.
There being 2 on earlies and Fergie so ready to just change the menu to both make things easier and use up food... well, made things easier. Things could have been planned and communicated better as (after I finished breakfast) there were times I was unsure what needed doing or more specifically, what he wanted me to do and what he wanted to do himself. The kitchen is generally more relaxed because there’s no senior ranks knocking about really who are taking an interest in the main kitchen or us.
Me and Fergie talked about absolute shit loads but the thing most relevant to work is this: People – including Fergie – keep telling me how shit Jones is (a mate of mine) and I inform them that I just can’t see it. Fergie – who doesn’t like being wrong or out debated – couldn’t then think of a rebuttal to me then saying the same thing about Mybe. He keeps saying she’s a decent hard working Chef, and I told him as he told me about Jones “just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s untrue. And remember, I’m not the only person to think this”. There’s a reason several people have had arguments with her. She’s new into the trade, out of training and she’s trying to dictate to others what her job actually is while not giving a shit about it or others.
She was Duty Chef today with Vuki on lates. Vuki was gone at the time and she was leaving to do whatever. Fact is, Duty Chef doesn’t leave the kitchen for any reason; there always needs to be a military Chef there. Fergie heard about this and asked if she had explained it to me, that she was leaving and I’d have to stay behind a few minutes to cover for her... but me and Mybe don’t talk. Fact is, if I talked to her it would start an argument one way or another because I can’t stand the bitch. This just means that she was simply going to leave the kitchen with no explanation nor consultation to myself, so had Fergie not said anything to me I’d never have known. Furthermore, treating her how she treats others (including me): I ain’t staying behind for her jack benefit. I’m on earlies and I’m going. If there’s no military Chef about, today that’s her fault because she’s Duty Chef. But things didn’t go that way as Vuki was back before then anyhow.
I’m just looking forward to my leave now and nothing else. I spent some quality time with Dollie. She’s been worried about me as of late despite her being so busy herself. But I had some rest after work and stayed up late with her. I’ve got tomorrow off to try and fix myself up a bit.

Wednesday, 16th April: day off.
Lots of sleep.
Sort some chores.
Do some weights.
I said today I’d get back into my fitness today and I kept my word. Although I wasn’t in the mood to really. Going back home to show off a bit, because I can that’s why. I earned this after all.
Still got a headache...

Thursday: Earlies
I was in work for 0500ish and started work itself at 0530.
Fergie arrived at 0530 and started work at 0700. This I’m fine with, but he was pretty much gunna do all of lunch with no initiative help from me as a result. I’m not working for no layabout. As of late I’ve also been highlighting some of his double standards he’s put on me. Like telling me I don’t respect my superiors when he doesn’t respect the decisions of his immediate boss.
As I’ve said in the past, respect for someone’s rank and the person behind it are two different things. I’m only paid to respect the one at most; the second has to be earned.
After earlies, I got talking to a Warrant officer who’s been looking into the fact why I’ve not been promoted despite getting very encouraging reviews since I’ve been out of training. This is the most progress I’ve seen since being in the army, though I’m not getting my hopes up because it’s the army.
Being on earlies followed by the interview left me rather knackered so I pretty much chilled out and went to bed. The original plan was to try and muster he energy up to have a cardio workout. But that just didn’t happen because I was too knackered for it. The interview went on for a bit.

bad night sleep. Woke up at 4am cuz of tag alarm so I woke him up.
Turn up to work, worst amount of not-prep done for larder [Anderson]. Run out during lunch, packed meals, pt, worked my ass off to get everying done properly ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday, came in to Kim being unappreciative of my situation and me working my ass off yesterday. I defended my actions while she’s just being lazy. I’m sick of laziness. I’m mentioning how people are being selfish, inconsiderate and lazy pretty much every day. I replenned more than what I took from her and I ain’t taking no shit off anyone.
Some stupid boiler training, waste of time. Packed meals again. No pt, but did weights/upper body at end of the day. Again doing shit loads of kit. Confirmed days off for leave, got it done on the computer to set things in motion.

Wednesday, had to be in early for NAAFI sandwiches. Anderson not tell anyone so that could have slipped through peoples notice that i knock off earlier because i was in earlier. Good thing that actually believe me.
Clarke doing finger buffet and looks like he not replenning the sandwich fillings he’s lazily stealing for it. He can deal with it in the morning when the shit hits the fan.
Instead of gym i sleep. Cuz need to. Not everything done 100% for tomorrow but I can easily smash it out in the morning really.
Also went to process travel arrangements but missed out by a few minutes. Return tomorrow in morning before work.

Trying to sort out travel arrangements on leave. Frustrating.
I don’t know what’s happening to me. But I’m just getting tired and knackered all the time. I need a break. Glad leave is coming up soon.
Dollie’s worried about me, keeps telling me something’s wrong with me. She might be right, I don’t feel myself but I don’t know what it is.

Mess after leave. Apparently it’s easy, but will be working with Blackie.

Thursday, 10th April:
It’s a good job I organised an early knockoff yesterday because Anderson forgot all about the goddamn agreement. Such an untrustworthy asshole.
Not complaining about the early knock off but it did throw my routine a bit so it meant I was busy this morning. In the evening I just focused on myself because I’m getting tired of things in general. I keep helping out others and seeing other people slacking off or doing the most minimal work possible. Doesn’t exactly motivate me to help them when things go wrong because that’s just their laziness coming back to bite them.

Friday, 11th April:
Very chill day for me. I did my usual routine at a routine pace, but barely anyone came in for lunch. Seeing as they went away on leave.
The afternoon was just a case of topping up the salad bar so it can last over the weekend (if people even wanted it), do packed meals for duties over the weekend and clean down my shit or bin what’s going to expire and we can’t use over the weekend.
I was completely finished by 1630 and was looking to just float about helping others. But then Vuki decided to knock me off early. I accepted. I worked my balls off at the start of the week so I’m not above taking it easy near its end.
When I was standing on salad/baguette bar I realised the main contributor to my generally aggravated mood, I’m a bit ill. Mostly with fever, sore throat and a headache brought on by lack of sleep (as always) that’s sapping my strength and made me more susceptible to be infected.

Monday, 31st March:
My mood was set for the whole week this morning when I was woken up at 0500hrs by Takalie hovering the room. I exploded with anger. Okay, he’s on earlies, fine. Okay, I was asleep when he got back last night, fine. But what time would someone rather been woken up at? 11pm? Or 5am? If I’m on earlies I hoover the night before. It’s just common courtesy. More than that, I couldn’t get back to sleep properly after which just fucked me over. So I didn’t bother hovering that morning, damn the inspection. I would have been prepared to hoover the whole room out of common sense, but I was too tired/annoyed to bother now. I stayed in bed to the last possible moment, which worked against me a bit. It’s then I discovered the CQ Department has a new key to the room which they used to get in. To my luck it was just a Private going around to check who was in the room during the inspection and who wasn’t. I had to get the work shortly after so that’s me dodging a bullet. But fuck was I still annoyed.
...I would have gotten him back, but he apologised after a 5 minute rant from me...
I wasn’t surprised to see what was done for larder prep. Plenty of it, just wrong. There was more damn coleslaw than I could possibly use this week, plenty of chicken which is a plus... not much else of use really. Oh yeah, a hundred sandwiches for the packed meal prep today and tomorrow... which shouldn’t have been done at all. Such a thing is made fresh the day before. I would much rather Mybe focused purely on the salad bar like I [and Sergeant Dee later] told her than just do her own damn thing. But whatever, I can’t talk to her, remember?
What was there I made use of because I’m awesome. No PT today which is good because I’m plenty busy making sure everything’s okay for tomorrow.
Also too knackered for the gym so fuck that.

Tuesday, 1st April: LSI-Kitchen Inspection today
And that’s no April fools.
This is why I’m so tired easily these days. I’m getting shit from the block, shit from the regiment, shit from the kitchen and shit from my co-workers. It’s all been building up to today.
I made sure everything was perfect today for the salad/baguette bar. Not a single deviation, no matter how retarded and senseless it was. I worked a little untidily, but not unsafely. The feedback I received hence forth was gobsmacking. The inspectors said it was the best salad/baguette bar they had ever seen in this kitchen. I thought “woah”. I was really fucking encouraged and proud to hear that. You don’t often get any sort of praise for your work in the army because it’s just seen as your job to do well. So to actually get it, wow. As soon as I heard that, I felt the pressures of the last 3 weeks just lift off my mind and everything was good again.

Wednesday, 2nd April:
No packed meals to do today and I know I’ll be off tomorrow. Today was a very chilled out and relaxed day for me. Stuck to my routine. Served pretty much no one over lunch.
That could have been a green light to jack on tommorrow’s larder shift but seeing as it was Takalie I carried on working really. If it was Dave or Mybe, then I probably would have binned some shit and let them start over.
But up to a certain time I still sat down and chilled out. Then left.
Played videogames, talked to my beloved, went to bed. Night.

Thursday: Day off
Had people banging on my door in the evening, harping on about block jobs for an inspection tomorrow that no one knows what time it is. I still say fuck’em. Same circumstances before still apply. I’m not cleaning up their mess, they can go to hell. But they were banging on the door for a good 20 minutes so I decided to bail out the window and go to the gym. Good motivation to do fitness, dontchathink?

Friday-Sunday: 4 day weekend continued
Well earned too.
I was going to go do more fitness but Dollie’s worried that I’m losing too much weight. I think she’s right because I’m not eating enough.
I’ve also slept way more than I really wanted to but I guess my body’s been crying out for sleep for a few weeks anyway.

Note last week: woke up at 2am thinking late for work.

Monday, 24th March: What a day
I was prepared for there being little prep for me done on larder... but I wasn’t prepared for this. I arrived to find Dave consoling me on pretty much fuck’all being done. Some cooked and diced chicken, coleslaw and potato salad done... and that was fucking it. It was insulting.
Dave then tries to dodge the blame saying he did everything Sergeant Gray had told him to do but I was having none of it. Even IF that’s true it’s no excuse. Why? I’ll tell you. The weekend shift should have been piss easy for anyone. On Friday I was on meats with someone else and all of the meats for the weekend had been prepped up. This was to make things easy for them so they could prep up all of Monday over the weekend while doing the regular three meals a day. Now, to be fair, I didn’t have to do anything for the weekend shift. I could have been jack, lazy and look out for myself. But Sergeant Gray said on Friday that the plan was to get everything prepped – including larder – so there would be little for anyone to do. I can see now what happened on the weekend. Everyone’s lazy short-sightedness saw them do just the three meals a day, not even thinking why their meats were ready to go for them. This is why I was pissed off at Dave making excuses he did only what he was told. That’s exactly the point. While I worked above and beyond what I was ‘required’ to do, Dave did the bare minimum he could get away with and believed it to be enough. Essentially, he didn’t do for me what I did for him and my hard work wasn’t returned to me.
It seems Monday’s main meal shit wasn’t prepped up either. Even with three Privates on Earlies. Apparently Dave was lazy all morning too. I was shocked. This is the sort of shit I’d expect from new-jack-lazy-selfish-ignorant-black-bitch Private Mybe, not someone who’s been in the army longer than me.
I really snapped at him over this and he’s really lost a lot of my respect which I don’t think he’ll ever get back. Yet he wonders why he hasn’t been promoted...
I didn’t have time to argue long because I was busy all morning getting everything done. After that I had to do PT which was just shit heaves and burpees over and over again, then back in to do packed meals and all my evening meal stuff, then make sure I was prepped better for tomorrow than I was today.
I still had energy left over from PT so I went to the gym in the evening to lift weights.

Tuesday, 25th March:
Today went smoother. Still packed meals to do. Still PT. Everything was normal and okay but I’ll talk about PT.
The PTI said to us “don’t ask for sports” at the start and end of the session but I don’t recall any of us ever asking for it. The dumb fuck. I’m not a fan of sports anyway, especially given that my shitass army trainers don’t grip the floor. You see the ‘sports’ we did was basketball hoops, every time you missed a hoop you did 15 press-ups. I knew today would be hard because I’d still be reeling from the gym the night before. But today’s session was just shit made worse for reasons I’ll go into.
For you see, the more hoops I missed the more press-ups I did. The more press-ups I did the harder it got and the longer it took. Before long I began to lag behind as the only exercise we were doing was press-ups, press-ups, press-ups.
Another side note gripe of mine is that these PT sessions just seem to be getting lazily planned out on a whim with no real thought.
Anyway, it got to the point where I was doing 15 press-ups and I got stuck on 5. I mean literally stuck on 5. With all the effort and strength that I had, my arms were not pushing me far off the floor... until it got to the point where they weren’t even pushing me off the floor. I must have been there a good 10 minutes just doing that and there-in lies the goddamn problem. Instead of the PTI acknowledging that I’m completely fucked [like he’s trained to do btw] his only concern was “We’re not going anywhere until you’ve done 15 press-ups”. After several attempts at a single press-up I logically began thinking “looks like we aren’t going anywhere then”. Point of fact, I like PT, I like pushing myself and I like working out. So I would happily stay here all day continuing this pointless attempt to work out a part of my body that’s completely exhausted; but I’m also the only person who’s content with this. Corporal Brunson and the PTI start getting aggressive like it’s going to help. Brunson later denies saying this but he did it in front of witnesses so fuck him “I’m a Corporal and you’re a Private, so I can talk to you how I want” which essentially is a green light to bullying. More on this tomorrow. Even with the PTI threatening to punch me I wasn’t intimidated. Hell if he did I’d just lay there and take a beating. Pain isn’t exactly foreign to me, and it’s not like I had the energy to defend myself anyway. Eventually, they resolved to grabbing my T-shirt to relieve some of the weight. So with my completely exhausted arms I still completed the other 10 press-ups. Straight after that, the PTI in charge changed the exercise... like he should have fucking done really. Dumbass.
The rest of the day went smoothly.

Wednesday, 26th March:
The day started with a continuation on from Brunson yesterday who pulled me to a quiet corner to talk to me. Basically his tone was changed. Yes, now I recognise that he was frustrated at the time and in the middle of an exercise while I was struggling with a press-up... so his tone initially sounded aggressive. But the aforementioned quote “I’m a Corporal and you’re a Private, so I can talk to you how I want” is indefensible. Responding only when promoted, I disagreed with a lot he had to say and remarked “A bully can have me by the throat, and I still wouldn’t be intimidated by them”. The significance of that stems from the fact the person I’m talking about is the same person I’m talking to. Essentially I’m calling Brunson the bully he is. The only time I’ve ever seen/known/worked with him he’s been aggressive and derogatory to his subordinates. Especially Dave and until the throat grabbing, myself as well. Noteworthy though, circumstances has seen us not work together for a very long time – for which I’m glad – but time doesn’t change circumstances. I always pickup where I left off with people like no time have passed at all. Why? To ensure the same mistakes/transgressions are not repeated. Which reminds me of my saying “Time heals all wounds. But it doesn’t amend past transgressions” as amendments are done with actions, not automatically over time.
Anyway, the rest of the day went okay. I was just still reeling from all the physical hardship I had endured to the point I felt like a weak old man.
I also note a slight confrontation I have with Pun [again]. This is that he walks all the way to larder to tell me to bring down packed meals for the guard, to then walk back to the main kitchen again. Yes I made the packed meals, but if he’s walked all the way to me to tell me to then walk back again... why can’t he walk another 5 feet to grab them himself? This is because Pun is blind to teamwork. Because I made them and it is totally seen as solely my responsibility that somehow absolves him from doing me a favour or even touching them. I told him as much and he wasn’t having none of it. So I finished off with “You’re wrong, Pun. Fuck off”. Why tell him to fuck off? Pun’s lack of English means he can’t work well with others. Now I’m able to see past that but it means he gets frustrated and aggressive at little provocation... especially when I worked with him on exercise. His inconsiderate and selfish nature also pissed me off, so I’ve no patience for the asshole. With the amount of times he told me to “fuck off” I’ve now decided to return it to him. Oh, he also tried to bluff me that he was cleaning down the kitchen so he couldn’t get the packed meals [5 feet away] but when I saw him later I remarked “that doesn’t look like cleaning down to me. Just looks like someone walking around with a cloth in their hand”. At the time of said incident I was genuinely busy with salads, larder and packed meals.
I didn’t bother going to the gym in the evening for reason I’m sure you can fathom. There’s also PT tomorrow which I’m sure will be a beasting.

Things aren’t too hard at work at the moment. Just a bit of drama.
Mybe being jack and ignorant of it. Dave fucking up as usual. Jones with valid complaints that would be mine had I not been warned off talking to Mybe directly.
PT today was a welcome change of pace. All cardio or rowing and jogging. This is my element and I smashed all the other chefs easily [good thing I rested too]. It was a good PT session, my only gripe being that it was too short really.
Getting annoted at the lazy civilian Gemma keeps nicking my shit and not replacing it. I shouldn’t have prepped so much so she has nothing to take.

Cheers easy day. Service times were dead because it was pay weekend and everyone wanted to bugger off. There was also an inspection. I tidied my room and such to prepare for it then went to work. Apparently the block failed because it was in shit state but I’m not too fussed. Fuck’em. It’s not me who makes a mess and don’t clean it up, it’s the grot-bag guys.
After larder was all done for the weekend [Salads and packed meals for the guard] I was put on sweets. They were all done, I just had to make sure they were warm and put them out. Then I was knocked off. I like Sergeant Dee.

A piece of piss. Dave did earlies, breakfast and lunch. I prepped dinner, stood on the hotplate at lunch and then did evening meal. Sergeant came in and prepped the families lunch tomorrow. I locked up and went for a run. Piece of piss easy day. Sidenote: clocks go forward an hour now so I lost a hour’s sleep. Boo.

Sunday, 30th March:
I arrived to find Sergeant Anderson still on his duty going on about how I would have been late had he not told me about the clocks going forward. Why’s everything a one-up-manship with him? Yeah I probably would have forgotten in all fairness by why can’t he just do someone a favour and make peace with that? That’s what decent people do. They don’t go on and on about it to put people down. Anyway, fuck’im.
I got breakfast done and out the way, no one turned up really.
I then started on the roast meals. There’s about 3 hotplates going up.
First you got the normal lunch for the lads who come in and pay.
Then you got 120 people coming in for the 4 Scots families.
Then about 60-80 for 2 Battalion families.
Jones and Mybe came in and I got them to start prepping my salad bar for the first 2.5 hours... not encouraged to how much was done but they can pass/fail on their own steam.
When Dave arrived I put him on Veg for the roast dinners straight away. Told him – for the first 90 minutes – do as much fresh vegetables as you can. He came back saying “I can’t find any”. That’s a rookie’s dodge move to say “I don’t want to do fresh veg when we got frozen ready to go”, so I showed him where the fresh veg was. It wasn’t a great lot, lots of random leftovers from the week but it was a start.
Besides that, I had everything else done. Meats, gravy, potatoes.
Come an hour before service I had Jones and Mybe jump on. Jones to get out sweets. Mybe to start veg, including potatoes. I would do meats. Dave would give all the veg he’d done to Mybe then go on the hotplate to serve and carve.
Each hotplate was up for an hour, or the time it took to get everyone through. Then we took it down, sort it out, put it on another hotplate. At the very least to reheat it [keep it at a safe temperature] and make sure it wasn’t just being moved from one hotplate to another in-front of the customers. We did also of course have to top it up as needed during service.
Sarge Dee came back to me and said he was pleased of the whole thing. He didn’t jump on because he wanted to see how I handled it really [though I knew]. For the people I was working with: Mybe trying to do her own thing, Jones arguing with her and Dave talking shit and clueless about simple instructions... the whole thing ran smoothly.
I then just had to organise some shitty paperwork before I could go.
Apparently there’s a block inspection tomorrow because of the one that was failed on Friday. But I wasn’t doing block jobs. Why? I heard them fuckers partying and trashing the block all weekend while I was at work or trying to sleep so no way am I cleaning up after them now. I’m going to bed.

Weekend, 22nd-23rd, Saturday-Sunday:
Monged a bit too much. But I did manage to get my Bergen yesterday and sort all the kit out [washing] so everything’s pretty much back to normal on that front.
I didn’t get a lot of stuff done but I’m organised and setup for completing such tasks that I’ll start doing in the course of the week.
I’ve also got several days work ahead of me before any rest days. But I get 4 rest days altogether which I’m more than happy with anyway.
I am actually more than happy with my roster as I do get all my rest days. It’s just morale boosting to see such a thing. I hope I still get them too... shit happens way too much.
Dollie’s not particularly happy with me as I’ve not been around enough to spend time with her. She’s also going through some pretty hard times. I get the urge to send her attitude right back at her, but tough love would just break her right now... so I hold my tongue and just be supportive. Why? Well, I love her. With her supporting me I can endure anything. I can endure wounded pride or bruised ego from her because she needs to lash out and vent a bit. I know it's not truly me she's angry at, and after she clears her head I direct her to the solution to her problem. After proving to her that I understand of course.
Also managed a run very late night Saturday.

21st March, Friday: Lates
Piece of piss easy day. Woo!
On lates, meats and not interested in much.
The inspection I was waiting on this morning didn’t happen because of other obligations. Then Brunson and eager Anderson [hopefully looking to bolluck people] came and had a room inspection.
Meats was easy because there were two people on it so I was monging it the whole day. Evenso, still managed to do advanced prep for the weekend. A good tradition but one that’s not commonly practiced here.
I then just chilled out a bit too late which carried on over the weekend.
Oh, there was also a ‘mock’ inspection being done today. One of the things mentioned was that if we see there is room for improvement in recipes we’re anally instructed to follow then we should inform NAAFI so they can improve them... essentially, giving NAAFI yet more direct authority over us despite the fact I did not sign up to work for a civilian company and earn them more money...especially, when they do fuck’all for us and try as much as possible to weasel out of their side of the damn contract.


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