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Weekend, 22nd-23rd, Saturday-Sunday:
Monged a bit too much. But I did manage to get my Bergen yesterday and sort all the kit out [washing] so everything’s pretty much back to normal on that front.
I didn’t get a lot of stuff done but I’m organised and setup for completing such tasks that I’ll start doing in the course of the week.
I’ve also got several days work ahead of me before any rest days. But I get 4 rest days altogether which I’m more than happy with anyway.
I am actually more than happy with my roster as I do get all my rest days. It’s just morale boosting to see such a thing. I hope I still get them too... shit happens way too much.
Dollie’s not particularly happy with me as I’ve not been around enough to spend time with her. She’s also going through some pretty hard times. I get the urge to send her attitude right back at her, but tough love would just break her right now... so I hold my tongue and just be supportive. Why? Well, I love her. With her supporting me I can endure anything. I can endure wounded pride or bruised ego from her because she needs to lash out and vent a bit. I know it's not truly me she's angry at, and after she clears her head I direct her to the solution to her problem. After proving to her that I understand of course.
Also managed a run very late night Saturday.


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