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Monday, 31st March:
My mood was set for the whole week this morning when I was woken up at 0500hrs by Takalie hovering the room. I exploded with anger. Okay, he’s on earlies, fine. Okay, I was asleep when he got back last night, fine. But what time would someone rather been woken up at? 11pm? Or 5am? If I’m on earlies I hoover the night before. It’s just common courtesy. More than that, I couldn’t get back to sleep properly after which just fucked me over. So I didn’t bother hovering that morning, damn the inspection. I would have been prepared to hoover the whole room out of common sense, but I was too tired/annoyed to bother now. I stayed in bed to the last possible moment, which worked against me a bit. It’s then I discovered the CQ Department has a new key to the room which they used to get in. To my luck it was just a Private going around to check who was in the room during the inspection and who wasn’t. I had to get the work shortly after so that’s me dodging a bullet. But fuck was I still annoyed.
...I would have gotten him back, but he apologised after a 5 minute rant from me...
I wasn’t surprised to see what was done for larder prep. Plenty of it, just wrong. There was more damn coleslaw than I could possibly use this week, plenty of chicken which is a plus... not much else of use really. Oh yeah, a hundred sandwiches for the packed meal prep today and tomorrow... which shouldn’t have been done at all. Such a thing is made fresh the day before. I would much rather Mybe focused purely on the salad bar like I [and Sergeant Dee later] told her than just do her own damn thing. But whatever, I can’t talk to her, remember?
What was there I made use of because I’m awesome. No PT today which is good because I’m plenty busy making sure everything’s okay for tomorrow.
Also too knackered for the gym so fuck that.

Tuesday, 1st April: LSI-Kitchen Inspection today
And that’s no April fools.
This is why I’m so tired easily these days. I’m getting shit from the block, shit from the regiment, shit from the kitchen and shit from my co-workers. It’s all been building up to today.
I made sure everything was perfect today for the salad/baguette bar. Not a single deviation, no matter how retarded and senseless it was. I worked a little untidily, but not unsafely. The feedback I received hence forth was gobsmacking. The inspectors said it was the best salad/baguette bar they had ever seen in this kitchen. I thought “woah”. I was really fucking encouraged and proud to hear that. You don’t often get any sort of praise for your work in the army because it’s just seen as your job to do well. So to actually get it, wow. As soon as I heard that, I felt the pressures of the last 3 weeks just lift off my mind and everything was good again.

Wednesday, 2nd April:
No packed meals to do today and I know I’ll be off tomorrow. Today was a very chilled out and relaxed day for me. Stuck to my routine. Served pretty much no one over lunch.
That could have been a green light to jack on tommorrow’s larder shift but seeing as it was Takalie I carried on working really. If it was Dave or Mybe, then I probably would have binned some shit and let them start over.
But up to a certain time I still sat down and chilled out. Then left.
Played videogames, talked to my beloved, went to bed. Night.

Thursday: Day off
Had people banging on my door in the evening, harping on about block jobs for an inspection tomorrow that no one knows what time it is. I still say fuck’em. Same circumstances before still apply. I’m not cleaning up their mess, they can go to hell. But they were banging on the door for a good 20 minutes so I decided to bail out the window and go to the gym. Good motivation to do fitness, dontchathink?

Friday-Sunday: 4 day weekend continued
Well earned too.
I was going to go do more fitness but Dollie’s worried that I’m losing too much weight. I think she’s right because I’m not eating enough.
I’ve also slept way more than I really wanted to but I guess my body’s been crying out for sleep for a few weeks anyway.

Note last week: woke up at 2am thinking late for work.


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