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It could have been a quiet weekend. But we kept ourselves busy by ensuring plenty of advanced prep was done. Only 3 people were in and still everything was completed to a decent standard. Larder is something always forgotten by weekend shift, yet we prepped it up to its best standard I’ve seen in 3 weeks; and I won’t even benefit from it myself. This is why I get annoyed when weekend shift makes excuses as to why things aren’t done accordingly come Monday.
I admit I was tired but the families lunch gave cause for me to gripe because people just took the piss like it were an all you can eat buffet when it’s actually prepaid meals, so they’re only entitled to a set amount. Also, I had to stand there and carve roasted meats... and I hate customer service and dealing with pricks and their bitches who just wanna grab everything they can and run off thinking you won’t have the balls to stop them.
Ale was fair though and knocked me off early on Sunday.

Monday, 14th April: Quite Easter Rear-party? Not a chance.
Mybe conned the system and came in on lates when she was supposed to be on earlies and got away with it. She minced around doing salad/baguette bar to a low standard in the morning and then minced around in the afternoon, making custard and preparing desserts that were ready made for her. I never seen anyone do so little work in my life... and then bitch that she didn’t get the days off that she wanted when she’s actually got a day off more than any other military Chef.
That set my mood and had me switch off on my Duty Chef. So come evening meal; all my paperwork was done and yeah I did plenty of veg but I didn’t cook it all off because of batch cooking. Well, that was my excuse. The real reason was because Mybe did fuck all and if she was paying attention to anything other than herself she would have realised. I had a hotplate to tend to then.
Everyone kept saying leading up to today that we’d be quite over rear party. I kept telling them we’d find out on Monday (today) and I was right to hold off premeditated expectations because we are just as busy as ever; in the sense that we’re feeding the same amount of people with fewer Chefs about. This is why Mybe’s selfish lack of initiative is really gripping me.

Tuesday, 15th April: Earlies.
I was completely knackered by now and ready for bed; but I still had one more day to get through before my rest day.
There being 2 on earlies and Fergie so ready to just change the menu to both make things easier and use up food... well, made things easier. Things could have been planned and communicated better as (after I finished breakfast) there were times I was unsure what needed doing or more specifically, what he wanted me to do and what he wanted to do himself. The kitchen is generally more relaxed because there’s no senior ranks knocking about really who are taking an interest in the main kitchen or us.
Me and Fergie talked about absolute shit loads but the thing most relevant to work is this: People – including Fergie – keep telling me how shit Jones is (a mate of mine) and I inform them that I just can’t see it. Fergie – who doesn’t like being wrong or out debated – couldn’t then think of a rebuttal to me then saying the same thing about Mybe. He keeps saying she’s a decent hard working Chef, and I told him as he told me about Jones “just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s untrue. And remember, I’m not the only person to think this”. There’s a reason several people have had arguments with her. She’s new into the trade, out of training and she’s trying to dictate to others what her job actually is while not giving a shit about it or others.
She was Duty Chef today with Vuki on lates. Vuki was gone at the time and she was leaving to do whatever. Fact is, Duty Chef doesn’t leave the kitchen for any reason; there always needs to be a military Chef there. Fergie heard about this and asked if she had explained it to me, that she was leaving and I’d have to stay behind a few minutes to cover for her... but me and Mybe don’t talk. Fact is, if I talked to her it would start an argument one way or another because I can’t stand the bitch. This just means that she was simply going to leave the kitchen with no explanation nor consultation to myself, so had Fergie not said anything to me I’d never have known. Furthermore, treating her how she treats others (including me): I ain’t staying behind for her jack benefit. I’m on earlies and I’m going. If there’s no military Chef about, today that’s her fault because she’s Duty Chef. But things didn’t go that way as Vuki was back before then anyhow.
I’m just looking forward to my leave now and nothing else. I spent some quality time with Dollie. She’s been worried about me as of late despite her being so busy herself. But I had some rest after work and stayed up late with her. I’ve got tomorrow off to try and fix myself up a bit.

Wednesday, 16th April: day off.
Lots of sleep.
Sort some chores.
Do some weights.
I said today I’d get back into my fitness today and I kept my word. Although I wasn’t in the mood to really. Going back home to show off a bit, because I can that’s why. I earned this after all.
Still got a headache...

Thursday: Earlies
I was in work for 0500ish and started work itself at 0530.
Fergie arrived at 0530 and started work at 0700. This I’m fine with, but he was pretty much gunna do all of lunch with no initiative help from me as a result. I’m not working for no layabout. As of late I’ve also been highlighting some of his double standards he’s put on me. Like telling me I don’t respect my superiors when he doesn’t respect the decisions of his immediate boss.
As I’ve said in the past, respect for someone’s rank and the person behind it are two different things. I’m only paid to respect the one at most; the second has to be earned.
After earlies, I got talking to a Warrant officer who’s been looking into the fact why I’ve not been promoted despite getting very encouraging reviews since I’ve been out of training. This is the most progress I’ve seen since being in the army, though I’m not getting my hopes up because it’s the army.
Being on earlies followed by the interview left me rather knackered so I pretty much chilled out and went to bed. The original plan was to try and muster he energy up to have a cardio workout. But that just didn’t happen because I was too knackered for it. The interview went on for a bit.


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