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2 Weeks Leave: 27th April – 10th May
I was rather irritated on my leave. Staying with my parents is the most convenient option available. But the first thing I require on my leave is solace really. To be left alone and recuperate back to 100% functionality. I’d socialise while I’m up and about of course, but I would very much like to be left alone when I want; and I mean completely alone to sleep for however long my body deems necessary. Furthermore I’d only require this for the first couple of days. I.e. my anti-social behaviour is merely temporary. After which I can enjoy my time off for real and get things.
However, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. My parents wake me up thinking they’re helping me and wanting to spend time with me. While I understand their perspective, I understand moreso that they do not understand mine. This frustrates me as my plan falls apart. I allowed them to do things their way for the first week. I was tired, so I achieved nothing seeing as I felt like crap all the time and ending up wasting time on video games. The second week I put my foot down and refused to get out of bed period [about 6pm I finally rose]. They simply didn’t get my sleeping habits [or lack of] when I’m at work, nor would they comprehend an explanation. I told them regardless and proceeded with my way. Afterwards I felt refreshed for the first time on my leave and only regretted not doing this sooner. A week was wasted to me.
I then proceeded to do everything I originally planned to achieve on my leave, rather hastily as it was now Tuesday/Wednesday the second/final week and eventually got such tasks completed to a satisfactory standard. Though on the last couple nights I barely got any sleep because I was adamant to finish a few last minute jobs before I left for Germany [due to my nasty habit of procrastination, thus lack of faith in myself]... I then had to start packing to leave at 2am. I was leaving the house for Germany at 7am. Needless to say I slept on the plane and coach most of the way. Overall:
Mum was okay, just happy to see me.
Dad is starting to take on too much again and getting stressed. Though I did appreciate his help/advice on my fiancés.
I didn’t see much of my brother at all really.
Dollie is working her ass off and is getting very stressed and tired [anyone else would be dead from exhaustion by now].
And I managed to catch up with my mate Jason. He’s bought a property he’s building up and planning to sell it and double his yearly income. Nice effort if you ask me. I wouldn’t know what to do with something like that.


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