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Monday 12th May:
When I arrived last night I got the bad news. 2 weeks ago I was told there’d be 3 Chefs in the Sergeant’s mess. One on earlies, middles and me on lates. This would allow me to get a comfortable feel of the place. Be properly inducted and briefed on everything I needed to know.
Instead I returned to hear “you’re in the mess, earlies all day by yourself”. I have to go in to an unknown kitchen with barely any sleep and pray I can figure it out before I fuck up. Equivalently, I’ve been thrown in the deep end of the shit pool and are expected to swim. Well I’m not having this. I outright chinned off breakfast and avoided contact with anyone. Thing is, I had been briefed what to expect upon my return and my roster had changed while I was away. It is then the responsibility of whomever changed said roster to inform me in advance... which they’re capable of doing because they have my mobile number. That’s my get out clause. I was told I was on earlies, but the messenger didn’t know what time I started, so how am I supposed to know?
So I avoided being seen for a bit but got caught out as i went back to my room (I couldn’t find a secret, clean comfortable place to get my head down). Had a debate with my Sarge and I just used the uncertainty above to palm off the blame. I’m sure Anderson is flapping because it was him made the changes and was too lazy to follow through professionally; hence the half assed message. He even tried “why didn’t you sign the keys out at night and check the roster?” “I didn’t know you could” as I expect that’s a bloody security risk! I mean picture someone in civilian dress walking up to the guard room and asking to gain access to the kitchen... who are they and what are they doing? Hmm?
So the day starts. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing for most of it but I am damn lucky it seems no one comes into the Sergeants Mess. I got one bar chit for lunch and one booked in for evening meal. Most work I did was on PT, which showed me how knackered I was. Was a good day to help me figure things out here. Between today and tomorrow I’ll have everything organised how I want it.
Ps: PT was shit, only 3 exercises repeated again. Bed straight after work.


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