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21st March, Friday: Lates
Piece of piss easy day. Woo!
On lates, meats and not interested in much.
The inspection I was waiting on this morning didn’t happen because of other obligations. Then Brunson and eager Anderson [hopefully looking to bolluck people] came and had a room inspection.
Meats was easy because there were two people on it so I was monging it the whole day. Evenso, still managed to do advanced prep for the weekend. A good tradition but one that’s not commonly practiced here.
I then just chilled out a bit too late which carried on over the weekend.
Oh, there was also a ‘mock’ inspection being done today. One of the things mentioned was that if we see there is room for improvement in recipes we’re anally instructed to follow then we should inform NAAFI so they can improve them... essentially, giving NAAFI yet more direct authority over us despite the fact I did not sign up to work for a civilian company and earn them more money...especially, when they do fuck’all for us and try as much as possible to weasel out of their side of the damn contract.


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