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bad night sleep. Woke up at 4am cuz of tag alarm so I woke him up.
Turn up to work, worst amount of not-prep done for larder [Anderson]. Run out during lunch, packed meals, pt, worked my ass off to get everying done properly ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday, came in to Kim being unappreciative of my situation and me working my ass off yesterday. I defended my actions while she’s just being lazy. I’m sick of laziness. I’m mentioning how people are being selfish, inconsiderate and lazy pretty much every day. I replenned more than what I took from her and I ain’t taking no shit off anyone.
Some stupid boiler training, waste of time. Packed meals again. No pt, but did weights/upper body at end of the day. Again doing shit loads of kit. Confirmed days off for leave, got it done on the computer to set things in motion.

Wednesday, had to be in early for NAAFI sandwiches. Anderson not tell anyone so that could have slipped through peoples notice that i knock off earlier because i was in earlier. Good thing that actually believe me.
Clarke doing finger buffet and looks like he not replenning the sandwich fillings he’s lazily stealing for it. He can deal with it in the morning when the shit hits the fan.
Instead of gym i sleep. Cuz need to. Not everything done 100% for tomorrow but I can easily smash it out in the morning really.
Also went to process travel arrangements but missed out by a few minutes. Return tomorrow in morning before work.

Trying to sort out travel arrangements on leave. Frustrating.
I don’t know what’s happening to me. But I’m just getting tired and knackered all the time. I need a break. Glad leave is coming up soon.
Dollie’s worried about me, keeps telling me something’s wrong with me. She might be right, I don’t feel myself but I don’t know what it is.

Mess after leave. Apparently it’s easy, but will be working with Blackie.

Thursday, 10th April:
It’s a good job I organised an early knockoff yesterday because Anderson forgot all about the goddamn agreement. Such an untrustworthy asshole.
Not complaining about the early knock off but it did throw my routine a bit so it meant I was busy this morning. In the evening I just focused on myself because I’m getting tired of things in general. I keep helping out others and seeing other people slacking off or doing the most minimal work possible. Doesn’t exactly motivate me to help them when things go wrong because that’s just their laziness coming back to bite them.

Friday, 11th April:
Very chill day for me. I did my usual routine at a routine pace, but barely anyone came in for lunch. Seeing as they went away on leave.
The afternoon was just a case of topping up the salad bar so it can last over the weekend (if people even wanted it), do packed meals for duties over the weekend and clean down my shit or bin what’s going to expire and we can’t use over the weekend.
I was completely finished by 1630 and was looking to just float about helping others. But then Vuki decided to knock me off early. I accepted. I worked my balls off at the start of the week so I’m not above taking it easy near its end.
When I was standing on salad/baguette bar I realised the main contributor to my generally aggravated mood, I’m a bit ill. Mostly with fever, sore throat and a headache brought on by lack of sleep (as always) that’s sapping my strength and made me more susceptible to be infected.


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