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Tuesday 13th:
I ain’t doing earlies all day all week.
I may not be doing much but I’m not allowed to go back to my room and sleep. Plus people know I’m not doing much so they keep me busy all my working hours of the day (12) with additional jobs.

Overview of last week:
Last week I fed a single person [other than myself and the mess staff] up until Friday. Thus far I haven’t seen a single military body since. Exception really to Wednesday when there’s a “big” bacon bap morning. But even then only 3 people turned up for that. Also, contrary to my last post, seems like I do have much greater freedom in the mess than I originally thought. I’m even encouraged to go back to my room or take my laptop into work and basically do as I please while there’s nothing for me to do. Which does make a lot of sense seeing as I’m by myself and got plenty of time to get nothing done. The person I was feeding all week, I made sure was getting some very decent looking food. Hey, I had plenty of time to spend on it too [if I was shit and needed practise to get things right].
I still used lots of my time to get my head down whenever possible. Still reeling from the plane, flights and the circumstances which got me tired prior to my return.
I am however glad some slack is finally being cut my way. Perhaps people have noticed a change in my temperament. I know I have. It’s slowly taking effect and making all the difference.

Tuesday: I’d say was shit because it was sport. I made the most of it but it’s never to my preference. I’d rather get some real fitness done.
Thursday: I got my wish when we went for a Tab. I was wary at first because I didn’t know what I’d be like after so long. But I soon got used to the weight and the pace. Quickly found out I’m still rather good at tabbing.

Weekend, to Sunday 18th:
I didn’t work the weekend, but it was dead with no one turning up for anything [the guy who worked it told me]. As for me, it was my chance to get some rest and then correct my body clock. I got plenty of rest, but didn’t correct my body clock well enough and couldn’t get to sleep. I’m better than last week, but still not 100%.

Monday 19th:
Blackie’s back in town. Trust him to start getting in the way of a good thing. I’m not sure what’s going on across the department while I’m isolated here in the Sergeant’s mess but I know something’s up. He’s a big gossiper who puts others down so I’ve never favoured nor trusted him much. Today however was business as usual... or not in my case. Seeing as the lack of business is being carried over from Friday. No one in today.
PT: a PFA test today. Standard. But I wasn’t feeling up for it still. Pressups and situps were not a problem but it looks like I struggled way too much on the 1.5 mile run. I don’t wanna make excuses and say it was the heat. I passed though, so no big drama. Just a wakeup call really. I’m feeling better this week now though so I can put more time into my fitness again. After the test, I stayed behind in the gym to do a workout before chilling in the room. Then going back to work to feed no one [except myself].


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